Battletoads Join Shovel Knight On X1

Classics never die, and the developers at Yacht Club Games are really hitting home this year with their signature title Shovel Knight. Today it was announced that the Battletoads will be joining the cast on the Xbox One version of Shovel Knight. Shovel Knight is receiving a lot of hype for its upcoming release on PS4, PS Vita, and Xbox One. We already know that Kratos will be an extra character on Sony’s version of the game.

The announcement video came from GDC by ID@Xbox that on the April release of Shovel Knight Battletoads would be appearing. Battletoads rumors have been circulating since before E3 last year and it looks like Microsoft is finally starting to use them where they see fit.

With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft’s ID@Xbox program fans will be able to have cross-buy between the PC and the Xbox One. A purchased game under this program on one will be supported for both.