Spoilers – Halo 5: Guardians Preview

Spoilers – Halo 5: Guardians Preview

If you’re like me you’re a die hard Halo fan and the blood of a Spartan runs through you too, the sight of Master Chief makes your hair stand on end and gives you a warm fuzzy feeling all over. I have had the fortune to sink my teeth into Halo 5: Guardians and I am here to tell you that the hype is real. The game looks good, plays good, and gives those looking for a challenge a run for their money.

The story starts out right after the events of Halo 4, Cortana is gone, and the Chief is left to ride solo. But the opening of the game starts out with Spartan Locke and his team trying to save Dr. Catherine Halsey from the Covenant after she sent a distress signal. You and your team of 4 are thrust straight into the middle of a battle between the Promethean and the Covenant. Right off the bat the team exits their ship to complete their mission with an eventful cinematic of pure beauty. Once you touch down the real challenge begins. I am playing through on Legendary and this difficulty as always is no joke. You are swamped on an unforgiving battlefield with little room for error.

One new addition to the game is that you roll in a squad based formation, this allows you to give commands to your team to help take out an enemy or if you happen to go down you can command your team to heal you. This proved really useful in staying alive through the first mission, and only the first mission, but after that I rarely could get resurrected before my squad was dead. No longer are you a one man army, and you must work with your squad to make it through to the end. The AI isn’t as intelligent as the player would like, but it’s a nice safety net to keep around if you can keep your team out of harms way or focused on a mutual target trying to push the line.

Fans of the game will notice that enemies react differently to weapons and that damage outputs seem to take a greater amount. Now I realize that I’m playing on legendary, but it’s brutal the amount of fire power expected to take out some enemies is absurd. I often found myself running out of clips just as I was starting to remove health from enemies rather than shield. 343 Studios has done well to balance the new team ease with the enemy life and damage.

As you push through waves of enemies you finally reach the target objective and kill the captor in amazing fashion. Your squad kicks ass and takes names as they each play a role in taking a group of Covenant holding Dr. Halsey hostage. Once the mission is over you bring her on board and switch over to the Master Chief. However during the 2nd mission he has a hallucination of Cortana.

What does this mean?  Is she ok? is she still on our side? And what of the 2 main protagonists? Stay tuned for all things Halo here on Mammoth Gamers. Geek Big.


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