Gamestop Black Friday Ad Leaked

Gamestop Black Friday Ad Leaked

Black Friday is fast approaching…And you know what that means, everyone loses their mind over the massive savings, that are somewhat good, and sometimes, actually terrible.

GameStop is one of the first retailers to have their Black Friday ad posted online, and they have quite the selection of sales.  Most prominent is the Xbox One Gears of War bundle, and the Playstation 4 Uncharted Bundle respectively for $299.


Another very interesting thing is their Funko Mystery Box, which is a door buster, where you get 5 mystery collectables including a Gamestop Exclusive Pop.  The ad then breaks down into the usual mix of game savings and free items when you buy specific games.


Now I personally am a sucker for game statues, and they have their own section in this ad, specifically The Legend of Zelda, Borderlands, and a UNSC Halo Pelican.


For the entire ad, hop over to and check it out!

 Any deals stand out to you? Something you can’t wait to get in line for? Let us know!

David Bahle

Former competitive Halo Coach, and former Microsoft Fan Boy. He is also a self proclaimed Star Wars Guru. He can be reached either on twitter at @OhMyApollo or [email protected]