Rocket League: A Game About Nothing

Rocket League: A Game About Nothing

Have you ever played a game that was so great that you couldn’t put it down?  What usually makes a game like that is the story or the graphics or the die hard millions of fans who will buy the next hyped up installment of a big titled game.  When’s the last time you could say that about a free game, about playing soccer with go-cars and literally no storyline.  Well, I am here to make that case about the mega hit, Rocket League.

Released in July of 2015, this game was one of the free games included in the PS Plus subscription for PS4 users in the following month of August.  It looked cheap and annoying, like many of the free games that come with PS Plus.  I ignored it for a while, just adding it to my library, like I do with most of the free games and figured I might come back to it, if I felt it deserved the space on my hard drive.

Some days later, I looked on my friends list and saw a lot of my friends playing this game and thought, okay? A free game that my friends are playing; maybe I should try it. I downloaded the game and fired it up.  Blasting techno music started the game, in which I thought was kind of catchy, the game already caught my attention.  The game started and the graphics looked pretty solid for a free game, not the cheesy 2 bit graphics that usually come with the free, terrible puzzle games I was downloading from past months.  I started to play and at first, I hated it.  I couldn’t control the cars well, the colors didn’t really fly off the screen, my car was bland; just another crappy free game.  I played some more and then my friend Joel requested to chat and play with me, so I obliged and we played for 5 hours straight.  I was hooked. I was zipping along the walls, doing front flips and crashing the boards to score as many goals as possible.  Every match was rewarded with new cars, new decals, antenna toppers and more.  This game was super simple, yet incredibly complex with the graphics and the actual physics that went into creating this game.  It’s incredible.  Flash forward to today, I still play this game at least once a day, sometimes with on the phone with my mom, sometimes while recording my sports Podcast.  It’s a great game to play at anytime and each match is right around 7 minutes each, so it’s totally worth a look.

So why write about a game that came out almost 6 months ago? Well Xbox users, you are in luck because as of February, you too will be able enjoy this game and if it’s 20 bucks at the start, I say this game is WELL worth is.  I love this game so much, I paid 3 dollars to be able to drive as the DeLorean from Back to the Future and travel at 88 miles an hour while trying to score mad goals on all of my friends.  So Xbox users, be on the look out for this gem, and PS4 users, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! GO DOWNLOAD NOW!


Ken Borter

Content Manager for Mammoth Gamers, Ken is a deadhead but not like from the 70's. Ken often times finds himself picking up anything with "Of the Dead" in the title. On top of this, he is also a walking, talking pop-culture reference. He is a sports geek, a comic book nerd and loves John Mayer.... Play some games with him! PS4 gamer: thewalkingken Follow him on Twitter! @Kenborter