Indie Games You Aren’t Playing, But Should Be [Week 2]

Here we are again with another round of Indie Games you aren’t playing, but should be. Without further ado let’s meet the games:

Broforce (PS4/PC/Steam/OSX/Linux)

Do you long for the good old days of button mashing games like Contra? Do you miss the golden age of steroid infused, oil covered action heroes? Check out Broforce, created by Free Lives Games. This game brings old and new action heroes together in a side scrolling, shoot ‘em up, blow ‘em up game. Not enough then perhaps the expansion with the creatures from the Alien franchise will make you stand up and yell ‘OOOOOHHH YEAHHHH BRO!’ and if you don’t feel like going solo, there’s multiplayer option so your friends can add to the already insane chaos.


Outland (Xbox live Arcade, PSN PC, OSX, Linux, Steam)

An interesting puzzle meets platformer meets TRON game with an African tribal influence. Developed by Housemarque, you play a warrior who is the reincarnation of a legendary hero who locked away two goddesses and now they have escaped their imprisonment. Changing the color of your character is where TRON aspect of this game comes in. You need to switch at times to attack enemies or bypass certain areas of a puzzle. This game can be played solo or coop.


Party Hard (Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Linux, Mac OS, Steam)

If you’re a fan of Dexter you will enjoy this challenging game. Developed by Pinokl Games, you play as a man who is just trying to get some sleep but his neighbors keep him up with the late night partying. The object of the game is to get into the party being held and kill all those in attendance without being caught by an eyewitness who will then alert the police. This game is very strategic where you can get a party goer blamed for your victims either by having them next to a dead body or being beside someone as they die from the punch you have poisoned. For those of you that like achievements there are lots to try and accomplish even some that unlock new playable characters each with their own special skills.

When she is not trying to take over the world, Jess takes time to record video games and write articles.