June Games With Gold Leaked

UPDATE: The Games With Gold for June have been revealed as Goat Simulator, The Crew, Super Meat Boy, and XCOM Enemy Unknown.  Sorry Red Dead Redemption fans.

Source: Xbox.com

Original Article:

The June Games With Gold from Microsoft’s Games with Gold may have leaked online today, as we were sent the below picture.  It features Ryse Son of Rome, and Lichdom Battlemage for Xbox One.

However the main story here might be the following two games on the June Games With Gold leak.  Red Dead Redemption and Bioshock Infinite  games for the Xbox 360, two of perhaps the biggest games of the 360 generation.



Red Dead Redemption has been the number one requested game for Xbox backwards compatibility since they announced the program, and it looks like they might be delivering it sooner than they have let on.  In the past Microsoft has stated that due to licensing issues that it was plausible in the near future.  However a few months ago some Xbox users were able to temporarily download the title, though it was quickly taken down.

Ryse: Son of Rome takes you to Rome for a beautiful third person hack and slash experience, while Lichdom: Battlemage puts you in control of a magic user in a first person role playing game.

Red Dead Redemption, is developed by Rockstar Games, the creators of Grand Theft Auto and drops you into the wild west, six shooters, rattlesnakes and all.

Bioshock Infinite takes you to Columbia, a floating city, where you must find a missing girl.  Infinite had 85 pre-release awards for its display at E3 2011, including Best of Show from the Game Critics Awards.  For more news on June Games With Gold stay tuned to Mammoth Gamers and be sure to download our mobile app available now on the iOS App Store!

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