NYCC 2016 – Telltale Walking Dead and March to War Details

NYCC 2016 – Telltale Walking Dead and March to War Details

Creators from Skybound Games took the Live Stage at New York Comic Con today to discuss upcoming projects from Skybound Entertainment including the new entry in The Walking Dead: A Telltale Series.

To begin with more details were given on the upcoming mobile game, The Walking Dead: March to War. Arriving on iOS and Android sometime in 2017, the game is multiplayer focused, where you send groups of survivors out to scavenge, do battle against other survivors, and fight off zombies.


The game will include canon and non-canonical characters and it was announced that some of the characters from the series can be recruited to you council. This council will help to advise the player on the best course of action and provide feedback.

The teaser trailer was also included. It is the same one that was released on Thursday for the games announcement.

There was also some discussion on the next entry of The Walking Dead: A Telltale Series. While it is officially Season 3, the game was given the subtitle of The New Frontier.


The New Frontier will focus on two characters, Javier and Clementine. Javier’s story will, in part, explore the beginnings of the outbreak and the game will also take place four years after Season One. It was also announced that this new game will take place at the same time as the current comics and will include cameos from well known characters.


There was also news that, despite what console you played the previous games on, gamers decisions from season one and two will have an affect on the new story, although there were not details as to how this works.

As previously announced, the release date for The Walking Dead: A New Frontier is still November 2016, although there was no additional details given regarding when in November it will release.

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