For Honor Beta Starts Soon

For Honor Beta Starts Soon

Ubisoft has announced a vague time frame in which the For Honor beta will be running. Console and PC players accepted into the beta will have access to it in January, ahead of the game’s February 14th release date.

For Honor is a multiplayer melee combat game, slightly resembling 2012’s Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Unlike Chivalry, For Honor will feature a single player campaign that pits the three factions against each other. The story seems to revolve around a warlord provoking the Samurai, Vikings, and Knights into fighting each other, but few details are known thus far.

Ubisoft recently revealed that For Honor will require a persistent Internet connection to play, including single player content. Progression in the single player seems to tie into multiplayer in some way, making it necessary to maintain a connection to servers to save data. While this isn’t an uncommon practice now, it’s still a slightly disappointing bit of news, as it could potentially alienate some players. Those interested in signing up for the January beta can do so here. Official start and end dates for the beta should be announced in the near future. Others looking to get some Viking on Samurai on Knight action can do so when the game officially releases on February 14th.

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