How to get an NES Classic Before Christmas

How to get an NES Classic Before Christmas

The NES Classic is this years hot item.  It’s sold out everywhere and people have been selling them on eBay for up to $500.  Crazy right? Well, sources around the Internet have confirmed that Best Buy will be selling these hard to get Christmas miracles in limited supply starting December 20th.  There is a small catch in that they will not be selling them online and will only be sold in stores and when they are sold out, they won’t have more until well after the holiday season.  If you don’t know if they hype is all worth it, check out our review of the NES Classic here.  As a word of advice from one frantic shopper to another, I would call your local Best Buy before camping out to get one, because not all stores are participating.

Places like Target and Wal-Mart sold out almost immediately after the November 10th release and Nintendo has promised to release more as time goes by.  Just recently, Urban Outfitters had a small stock and sold out within days.  Look out for major retailers to have a steady flow of these bad boys come 2017.


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