SNES Classic May Be In The Works

SNES Classic May Be In The Works

The NES Classic has been a huge hit this holiday season, in spite of it’s stock deficiencies across all retailers. From the moment the NES Classic was announced, people speculated about the possibilities of other consoles eventually getting the “Classic” treatment, and further iterations of the existing model with other games included. A recent patent filing suggests that Nintendo may be considering this as well, in the form of a SNES Classic.

Evidence supporting the potential existence of the SNES Classic is fairly light at this point, but the idea makes sense given the popularity of the NES Classic and the feverish reverence fans have for the SNES. The patent filing that surfaced was related to the SNES controller. There are a lot of reasons Nintendo could have filed this patent, enough that it’s difficult to confirm the existence of anything. The patent could have been filed with an in-development SNES in mind, or it could have been filed to prepare for the potential development of a SNES. With the Nintendo Switch coming out, its entirely possible this is just a peripheral for playing classics on the new platform. Or, in the most mundane scenario, Nintendo may simply be renewing patents to maintain ownership of its original design.

We likely won’t see any official information regarding this filing for a long time, or at all in the event of a patent renewal. The timing of the filing is convenient for both a SNES Classic or a Switch peripheral, and only Nintendo will be able to clear things up for us. Still, the idea of a SNES Classic is very exciting, and I would love to see what games they would include.  Until an official announcement is made, all we can do is speculate and cross our fingers that if anything does come out, Terranigma will be among the included games. In the meantime, I’ll be over here playing some Terranigma.'

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