Super Mario Run Downloads Hit 40 Million Milestone

Super Mario Run Downloads Hit 40 Million Milestone

It’s only been available for four days, but Super Mario Run downloads have managed to hit 40 million in that short time frame, breaking app store records. This puts it ahead of Pokemon Go for the time being, but we will have to wait and see if everyone’s favorite princess-saving Italian can keep the momentum going in the long run. There has been a fair amount of drama surrounding the title since launch, but it’s nice to see the little red plumber pulling through despite the criticisms and lack of faith among investors.

The response from players regarding Super Mario Run has been a bit polarizing. Some seem to find the coin collection focused gameplay engaging enough to propel them forward, others lament the lack of difficult platforming. Those with criticisms seem to have hoped for a more traditional Mario experience in an endless runner format, but instead were given a coin collection game with few opportunities for failure in levels.

Super Mario Run’s purchase price and business model have come under fire as well. Players seem to feel that the $10 price tag is a bit much to ask for the title, while investors don’t seem to have much faith in the title’s ability to make money with its current “premium” business model. Investors hoped for a more traditional free to play business model supported by microtransactions, which tend to generate more revenue over time than single-purchase games. This, coupled with early reviews being below expectations caused Nintendo stock to drop by 7.1% on Monday. Given the pace at which the game continues to be downloaded, Nintendo will hopefully be able to pull through and hit their expected sales numbers to solidify their position in the mobile market.

Those with Apple devices interested in the title can check it out here. The title is free to start, with a $10 fee to unlock the remainder of the game after the trial stages end. Android users must wait a bit, as the title is an iOS exclusive currently, with an Android release expected in the future.  For more on the Super Mario Run downloads, stay tuned to Mammoth Gamers.


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