Want To Charge Nintendo Switch? Don’t Use A Macbook Pro

Want To Charge Nintendo Switch? Don’t Use A Macbook Pro

With the Nintendo Switch release less than 24 hours away, many people are searching to find tips for their system on Day 1. One interesting tip was discovered that if you want to charge Nintendo Switch handheld with a computer using a USB-C connection, do not connect it to a Macbook Pro.  Instead of charging the Nintendo Switch, it will act as a battery pack and will work on charging the Macbook Pro, taking away energy from the Switch handheld.

Discovered by Quartz reporter Mike Murphy, seen in the tweet above, he is unable to charge his handheld and instead, charges the laptop.  Most people would expect this to work the other way around with the laptop charging the Nintendo Switch.  Murphy did find a solution – turn off the Nintendo Switch before plugging it in.  This would prove somewhat counter-productive though as some users would love to be able to charge their Nintendo Switch and play at the same time. Shutting it down and connecting it to the Macbook would eliminate the experience of gaming while plugged in to charge the handheld. According to the technical specs, the Nintendo Switch uses a Lithium-ion battery/4310mAh. The MacBook Pro uses a 54.5-watt lithium-polymer battery and uses up to 61 watts from a power adapter.  But if you want to charge Nintendo Switch handheld, you’ll have to stay away from MacBooks for the most part.

The Nintendo Switch releases tomorrow, March 3rd.  For more on the Nintendo Switch, stay tuned to Mammoth Gamers for a full review of the console.

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