Dark Souls 3 Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch

Dark Souls 3 Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch

In a surprise late night tweet, the Dark Souls Twitter account posted a “secret stream” on Twitch in which Hidetaka Miyazaki announced that Dark Souls 3 will be coming to the Nintendo Switch as soon as the revenue from Dark Souls dries up. Miyazaki stated during the small, personal stream that having been so inspired by the Legend of Zelda series, he felt it was only right to bring the series to the home of Zelda. He continued to say that to make the switch to Nintendo something special he was going to aim for a few minor tweaks to the gameplay of Dark Souls 3.

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The first alteration to be made is in how the game controls. Taking notes from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, all combat will be done via the undocked Joycon controllers. This means that to attack, block, and parry players will have to make the correct motions with their controllers which is intended to add a more realistic experience to gameplay. Other potential uses for the Joycon motion controls include, but are not limited to: drinking estus, writing down messages, doing emotes, picking up items, and dodge rolling.

Miyazaki also brought up interest in a feature designed import players’ Dark Souls 2 save files to add a plethora of items that are not present in Dark Souls 3. Some of the listed items that might be added by this feature include lifegems, Pharos Lockstones, and human effigies. That last item means only one thing; Dark Souls 2 style hollowing will be coming back to Dark Souls 3!

To make the switch to Nintendo something truly special it was also stated that there will be an exclusive Nintendo-only DLC that will explain, in great detail, how Bloodborne fits into the Dark Souls universe. It is Miyazaki’s hope that this addition to the series, as well as all of the Switch-exclusive tweaks to the controls and world will provide the definitive Dark Souls 3 experience, giving the series the perfect sendoff that it deserves.

Did you fall for it? If you did, be sure to share this with your friends! We’ll have the real trailer when it drops hopefully later this month. April Fools!

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