Report: SNES Classic to be Released in the Near Future

Report: SNES Classic to be Released in the Near Future

It has been rumored that Nintendo will be releasing a mini Super Nintendo in the wake of the highly successful NES Classic, which was released last November and has recently stopped production.  Eurogamer, whose sources have been correct about various different Nintendo leaks/news such as the Switch release, claims that the SNES Classic should be released around Christmas time.  This comes as interesting news to most, seeing as the NES Classic has been sold out everywhere, for quite some time and Nintendo has stopped production of this unit.  This may be a marketing ploy or Nintendo might be losing money on this product and does not want to produce anymore.  It’s hard to believe the latter, seeing as the NES Classic has sold 1.5 million units worldwide; which is much more than they could have anticipated.  Either way, the SNES Classic would be a mega hit, hopefully learning from the mistakes of its predecessor, and include more games and a much, much longer controller cord.

We reviewed the NES Classic back in December.  Some of the take-aways were that the interface was great, the size was amazing, but the cord was way too short.  As well, I went on the Mac and Gu Podcast to discuss what games should be on the SNES Classic. Some of my must haves were Earthbound, Earthworm Jim and NBA Jam, but obviously we will see the classics like Mario and Zelda. Check out that episode here as well.  Let us know what games you think should be included in the new SNES Classic!

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