PAX East Favorite “Brawlhalla” Set to Host Tournament Series

PAX East Favorite “Brawlhalla” Set to Host Tournament Series
Brawlhalla was one of the best games displayed at PAX East this year and will be released soon on PS4, which is exciting for Sony users.  With that, Blue Mammoth Games just announced a new tournament, The Legend Series, that will kick off 22 April and conclude 7 May, 2017 that will promise to be exciting and give people who are new to the game something to watch and get pumped up for. The official press release about the event gives all the details:
Stream.Me and Blue Mammoth Games are proud to announce The Legend Series, a new Brawlhalla tournament series taking place this April and May.
Part of the official Brawlhalla Circuit, The Legend Series will be the popular fighting game’s first S-Tier event, where a sizeable amount of Circuit Points and $6,000 in prize money are at stake.
The four-part competition will kick off with one-on-one bouts on 22 April and 23 April before concluding with doubles matches 6 May and 7 May. Interested parties can learn more about the event and register to participate in North American brackets here and European brackets here.
The Legend Series will be hosted and broadcast live via Stream.Me, a video platform that gives viewers the ability to simultaneously view multiple players and casters in up to 4K HD video running at 60 frames-per-second. Stream.Me also allows users to blend audio from several streams and combine chat rooms from different sources, granting audiences unmatched control over their experience with Stream.Me’s built-in multi-channel and multi-chat options.
The production, run by the same group behind The Brawlhalla Championship Series, will feature commentary and analysis from Duc “Deisgnatedasian” Pham, Uyen-Anh “Whitesheepie” Dang, Michael “Sparky878” Rahaim and Stephen “Smiles6857” Ramirtha.
Event Format:
  • 22 April – North American 1v1 Tournament ($1,500 Prize)
  • 23 April – European 1v1 Tournament ($1,500 Prize)
  • 6 May – North American 2v2 Tournament ($1,500 Prize)
  • 7 May – European 2v2 Tournament ($1,500 Prize)”
Brawlhalla is a free to play online game, and mimics the same style as Super Smash Bros.  Check out my experiences with the game here, as a part of Mammoth Gamers PAX East 2017 coverage.  Good luck to anyone playing and those of you watching, keep an eye out for this crazy fun game to drop in PS4 this summer.

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