Xbox E3 2017 Press Conference Round Up

Here we are at the end of the first of the big three’s press conferences.  The Xbox E3 2017 press confrence is in the books, and what a ride it was.  In total, Microsoft announced 42 new games, with 22 of them being exclusive.

They also announced the official title of the Project Scorpio console, the Xbox One X.  With the Scorpio name going to the engine that runs the system itself. The conference itself can be described in one word, Games.  THe Xbox One X is going to be one heck of a console, running at a native 4K video, with a 6 teraflop GPU.

While there were some heavy hitting titles like Forza, Crackdown and Assassins creed, there were many titles, mainly Halo and Gears of War that were not mentioned.  Surprisingly, Fable makes a return to the Xbox in card game form to the system. While Ori made a comeback with some amazing live piano by composer Gareth Coker. Terry Crews made an appearance in the new CrackDown 3 announcement trailer, while a live play by play announcer was brought out to call a game of The Darwin Project.  We got an extended beautiful look at Sea of Thieves, share world adventure game that will be coming in the near future. It allows you to plunder and pillage with friends on the high seas as pirates.  The Last Night is a beautiful pixelated game that reminds us of the Blade Runner world and shows tremendous promise..

They also showed off some solid footage of Lord of the Rings: Shadow of War.  The anticipated sequel to Shadows of Mordor, featuring a snarky Orc named Bruce.  Who became a fan favorite in all the chats instantly.  We also received a nice look at the new Assassins Creed Origins game.  Which goes back to the roots of the brotherhood into the heart of Egypt.

Also shown was Anthem, a new IP from BioWare exclusive to the Xbox systems, which allows players to control a character and an assortment of armor as they explore the open world outside of a cradle of civilization. It seems to be a mixture of Destiny and Mass Effect.  These suits of armor called Javelins come in a variety of builds,with the ability to customize your own.   They showed off the fact that you are able to pick and choose your own battles. In the demo, the players come across an ogre type monster, whom they decide to skip and come back to it later.  Essentially skipping combat and instead heading towards their objective.

Much of the focus of the press conference was on the Xbox One X, and the fact that it runs at 4K video.  It seemed like almost every game shown was running 4K, and would be patched to run at 4K come November when the system releases if it was already running it. They introduced Minecraft yet again, and revealed that it would be getting a 4K patch, as well as cross platform, and console compatibility.  That means players on Consoles, Mobile and PC’s will be able to play together as one.

One of the biggest announcements of the conference was that backwards compatibility was being launched for the original Xbox games.  While we do not have many specifics yet, he specifically stated that Crimson Rite was being worked on, and it is safe to assume it will be one of the first released.

This was just the beginning to the E3 festivities, and if it was any indication.  We are in for one heck of a ride for the next week.  For all of our coverage on this years E3, head over to our E3 2017 page.

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