I Bought a Nintendo Switch, Now What?

I Bought a Nintendo Switch, Now What?

Nintendo has been killing it when it comes to people wanting their stuff and not being able to get it. The $70 Nintendo Classic is now selling on Amazon and Ebay for $300 and the SNES Classic has been going out for pre-order and selling out in seconds.  So when it comes to the Switch, I immediately pre-ordered one when it came out at Gamestop. I got my Switch, like it was Christmas morning, and popped in Zelda: Breath of the Wild and away I went.  A month later, I am still playing Zelda, and that’s about it.  So the question I ask is now what?

When it comes to the hardware of the Switch, it feels great. The controller is cool, it has multiple functionality and overall, it works the way it was designed to.  With that in mind, I recently bought Mario Kart 8 for the Switch, as a hope to find something else to play.  I got some friends, we carted around, we won some races and then I put it back in it’s case and have not touched it since.  Maybe it’s the type of gamer I am, maybe I don’t like Nintendo’s wacky style of games.  Either way Mario Kart is fun, exciting and sitting in its case until I can find another human who want’s to play with me.  I know people might get upset with this comment but, why do I have to share my experiences on a handheld in order to get full enjoyment out of it? I want single player games, I don’t want to have to rely on others to enjoy the Switch.  So that gets rid of Mario Kart, Arms and Splatoon as popular games I am supposed to enjoy. What is left?! Zelda. Give me some better single player games Nintendo!

I have been patiently waiting for Nintendo to do some big things with the Switch, as I know they have some things in the works.  Bethesda wants to release its games on the Switch, as they have announced Skyrim and Wolfenstein to come out next year.  This to me opens up the floodgates for other games to be ported to the system and I might have a legitimate chance to get good single player games.  I think that this is amazing and would be a game changer for a lot of different games, mostly RPGs, sports games, and first person shooters. Imagine being able to take Madden on the bus, and actually get to play the full game while being out and about.  It is going to happen but when is the question. Nintendo recently released NBA 2K18 on the Switch and the reviews have not been pretty.  From graphics to mechanics, the game got smashed in the reviews. Even though that doesn’t feel encouraging, I hope this is great for Nintendo and for sports games because over time they will be able to develop better games for the Switch and learn from their mistakes.   

The one design flaw that I can say makes PlayStation and Xbox more next level consoles than the Switch is that they can connect online and do it fast. Online gaming is nothing new but Nintendo has consistently, for the past decade, been the worst for online gaming.  The Switch is equipped with WiFi, however without an Ethernet port, we will never see light speed gaming.  I cannot imagine the Switch being able to have Destiny 2 on it, based on the fact that it always needs to be connected online.  A lot of games are like that now and unless Nintendo releases a cellular version of the Switch or beef up the hardware, we will never get to see AAA titles like that come to Nintendo.  Now, I own a PS4 and don’t expect the Switch to be able to run the same graphics as the PS4 but dammit, I want some AAA titles that a across consoles to be able to take on the go.  

So I know this article might seem as if I am bashing the Switch, which I kind of am, but I’m just sitting here bored. I love the Switch and all of it’s amazing features but I need something to do on it!  Rumors have been flying in for all of the things that could be but I am waiting to hear what is. One rumor that I know will most likely come true is the various eShops that will pop up and offer emulators for past Nintendo systems and games. They have these on the 3DS but after almost 7 months after launch, the Switch does not.  Now I think and hope this is due to the fact that they are trying to port in all of their old systems into one spot and allow players to choose from Nintendo, Super Nintendo, N64, Gamecube and Wii games but that is wishful thinking.  Even so, something like that would turn any frown upside-down about the lack of content.  Like I said before, Nintendo is preying on the fact that we love the past.  And as someone who owns an NES Classic, I can say that I will pay for nostalgia.  And I am sure millions of others will do the same.  All that needs to happen is Nintendo has to actually deliver the goods.  

The title of this article is: “I bought a Nintendo Switch, Now What?” Well I still can’t answer that question yet.  I am still playing Zelda and am about to get my hands on Mario Odyssey but I cannot say if that will quench my thirst for more games.  All I can say is that as a mainstream Nintendo lover, I just want more of what made me buy this bad boy in the first place and that is games.   Millions of Switches have been sold to players all around the world and I am sure a bunch of them are in the same boat as me.  All I can say is; what are you waiting for Nintendo? Take my money!

Ken Borter

Content Manager for Mammoth Gamers, Ken is a deadhead but not like from the 70's. Ken often times finds himself picking up anything with "Of the Dead" in the title. On top of this, he is also a walking, talking pop-culture reference. He is a sports geek, a comic book nerd and loves John Mayer.... Play some games with him! PS4 gamer: thewalkingken Follow him on Twitter! @Kenborter