Mark Hamill Regrets His Star Wars: The Last Jedi Criticism

Mark Hamill Regrets His Star Wars: The Last Jedi Criticism

Mark Hamill has recently come out to say he regrets his comments on how Rian Johnson handled Luke Skywalker in the film, Star Wars The Last Jedi. The iconic actor was more than critical about the writer, and directors take on the Jedi master.

Mark Hamill has remarked on the press tour several times that he did not agree with the direction. However in a recent interview with IMDB he made it clear that his stance has changed.

“I’ve had trouble accepting what [Rian Johnson] saw for Luke but again, I mean, I have to say, having seen the movie I was wrong,” Hamill said. “I think being pushed out of your comfort zone is a good thing because if I was just another benevolent Jedi training young padawans, we’ve seen it!”

Hamill then followed up with a tweet saying:

Rian Johnson, who has previously directed for Breaking Bad and wrote and directed Looper, responded to the criticism he has been getting and the divide that The Last Jedi seems to have created.

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