Road Rage Review: Unleash The Rage

Road Rage Review: Unleash The Rage
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Road Rage by Maximum Games is a re-imagined racing game that takes inspiration from the Road Rash games dating back to the Sega Genesis generation.  The power hungry, and money grubbing elites of the city of Ashen have left the population no choice. It is time to form motorcycle gangs in order to take their frustration out on the world. Your name is Ace, the newest member of the ruling gang of Ashen. Your desire is to move up in the world and become president of the club. You do this by racing, and literally beating the competition.

There are some games that deserve to have an open world aspect to it, however, this game could have done without it.  It feels awkward at times, and only truly serves to push you from one mission to the next, or allow you to jump into side missions like stunt missions, which are really just jumping off a ramp, or driving past a car at a high rate of speed. There are other bounty type missions where you use your mini-map to hunt down rival gang members.  However the “kills” only count if you actually hit them with your weapon.  If they die by some other means, crashing, or you running into them, they just respawn.  Which leads to an awkward game of cat and mouse while you navigate the mini-map once they die, and then respawn. The game I feel would have been equally as fine without the open world aspect, with a simple menu option.

Road Rage PS4, Road Rage

The racing aspect of the game is simplistic, but somewhat flawed.  You accelerate with R2, and brake with L2. With the handbrake being mapped to the X button.  However, making turns at speeds at anything other than a snail’s pace, most of the time you will not be able to make the bend.  The rest of the time, you can easily navigate, and make it through at full speed.  It seems very inconsistent to me.

Another huge part of the game, and what adds the word Rage to the title, is the combat. The ability to hit other bikers with a large variety of melee weapons should be a selling point. It is to a degree, it is amusing to be able to drive down the road, and hit a random pedestrian with a baseball bat.  Then watch as they are launched across the street.  However the physics engine in the game could use some more work.  There are times when you are hit by an enemy and are fine. Or you can run headlong into a building and literally bounce into the sky.  But if you take a corner a little too tightly, hitting a random box on the ground, you will explode in a fiery ball.  

Road Rage PS4

However, while it does have some flaws; It is a solid game in the sense that it fills the void of a game where you can sit down for 10 minutes, go through one or two races, and then just turn the system off, and you will feel that you have accomplished something.  Which is a feature that many games are lacking these days.  Another feature that it should advertise more, is the fact that it has local co-op, which is a feature that games are removing these days thanks to the internet.  But there is still a massive demand for it.

Over all, Road Rage has some major issues. The physics engine could use some work, and it really did not need to be an open world game.  However, it does feature couch co-op which is something sorely missing these days.  It also is a perfect game to sit down and play for a short amount of time and feel accomplished. Road Rash is available now on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.



The Good

  • Local Co-Op
  • Good for short gaming sessions

The Bad

  • Physics Engine
  • Turning
  • Lack of Variety
  • Plot feels lacking
  • Open World

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