Broly and Bardock Are Coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ

Broly and Bardock Are Coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ

According to Japanese magazine V-Jump, Dragon Ball FighterZ’s first two DLC characters will be Broly and Bardock. V-Jump also revealed that Dragon Ball FighterZ will be receiving some bonuses for those who own Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

As you’d expect, the muscle-bound Broly is larger than most of the current cast, which allows huge damage and reach. Expect tons of super armor on this monster. Broly’s level 3 super is called “Gigantic Meteor”, that launches a giant energy ball that comes crashing down on his opponent.

Bardock is Goku’s father and brings his own moveset and skills to the table. Bardock is said to “shine in hand-to-hand combat” so expect to utilize more physical attacks and less energy based. As for Bardock, his level 3 is called “Revenger Assault” where he transforms into a Super Saiyan and delivers a fierce beatdown on his opponent.

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Since Bardock has been added to the roster, this raises the question, is this another Goku added to the roster? Android 16 players, you’re programmed with the sole purpose of killing Son Goku. Are these parameters acceptable? Is Bardock just enough Son Goku to get dunked into a level 3 super?

Lastly, if you own both copies of FighterZ and Xenoverse 2, new bonuses will unlock for both games. Fighterz players will receive a lobby character of the Supreme Kai of Time and Xenoverse 2 players will get Android 21 costumes to use in-game.

V-Jump didn’t announce a price or date for these characters, though the season pass, which unlocks eight additional characters, is $34.99.

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