Happy Mario Day – Top 5 Mario Companions

Happy Mario Day! It’s March 10th, or MAR10, meaning that today we gather to celebrate and appreciate Nintendo’s favorite plumber! The Mario franchise is a staple of modern and classic video games, but where would our hero be without the support and love from his friends in the Mushroom Kingdom? Here is a list of the top 5 Mario companions who have helped in Mario’s quests and earned a place in our hearts!

#5 – F.L.U.D.D (Super Mario Sunshine)

Introduced in the acclaimed Super Mario Sunshine, the Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device, or “F.L.U.D.D” is a cute, mechanical water pack who helps Mario foil Bowser Jr.’s plans of kidnapping Princess Peach. It’s hard not to get attached to the little guy as you travel around Isle Delfino, collecting Shine Sprites and defeating enemies. By the end of the game, the sadness and relief you feel at FLUDD’s “death” and revival cement him as a memorable Mario companion.

#4 – Cappy (Super Mario Odyssey)

While a newer addition to the team, Cappy is a fantastic Mario companion who contributed to the magic of Odyssey. The game mechanics he introduces are refreshing and interesting (let’s face it, who didn’t go around trying to possess every creature in sight while playing?). Also, he’s an adorable little hat spirit who is a delight to interact with, and just wants help saving his sister. What’s not to love about him?

#3 – Starlow (Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story)

One of the highlights of Bowser’s Inside Story was the introduction of Starlow, the feisty Star Sprite. She travels with Mario and Luigi during their quest inside Bowser, helping them perform actions and saving them during combat. Her bright and chipper personality instantly won me over, and her antagonism of Luigi creates some of the funniest moments in the game. Overall, she is a Mario companion who provided endless entertainment and much needed in-game assistance. Hopefully she’ll make another return in the 3DS remake of Bowser’s Inside Story!

#2 – Vivian (Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door)

In an already stellar game, Vivian made an impact as one of the best companions in Mario history. First off, her design is simply adorable, being a fun purple ghost with a candy cane witch hat and bubblegum-pink hair. Mario meets her in Twilight Town, where she leaves her abusive sisters to help Mario on his quest. In battles, she can inflict status ailments and damage to all enemies at once, making hoards easier to fight. She isn’t just appealing in combat; her shy and kind personality encourage the player to befriend and help her as she struggles with self esteem and familial issues. She is truly a wonderful Mario Companion!

#1 – Yoshi (Super Mario World)

Honestly, could there have been any other companion in the #1 spot? There’s a reason why he’s stuck around since his initial appearance in 1990. Yoshi is the classic Mario partner, whose helped our plumbing hero in countless journeys to save Peach and defeat Bowser. Yoshi is a real pal who just wants to assist Mario in any way he can, and he does so while being endearing and wholesome. His energetic animations, happy-go-lucky attitude, and cheerful smile perfectly encapsulate the charm and appeal of any good Mario game. He has earned his spot as the best Mario companion, simply by being a friendly hero who does his best in any scenario, with a big Yoshi grin.

Those were the top 5 Mario companion in celebration of MAR10! Who are your favorite partners in the Mario franchise? Feel free to comment below, and be sure to keep your eye on Mammoth Gamers for Mario-related news and more!

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