The Joker is Born in Telltale Batman: The Enemy Within Trailers

The long awaited 5th episode of Telltale Batman: The Enemy Within is premiering March 27th, bringing the second season of the series to an end. Two trailers have been released detailing the fallout of your choices in previous episodes, mainly regarding one John Doe.

Throughout The Enemy Within, one of the characters you interact with the most is John Doe, who helped you escape Arkham Asylum in the previous season. In typical Telltale fashion, your treatment of Batman’s newest, self-proclaimed, best friend impacts the story greatly. In this case, whether you were friendly or cruel to John influences his decision to become Joker the Vigilante, or Joker the Villain.

Telltale Batman – Vigilante Joker:

Telltale Batman – Villainous Joker:

According to both trailers, neither is without its repercussions, leaving it ambiguous as to which choice is really the best for Batman and Gotham. If you remain Joker’s friend, Batman’s former allies don’t take kindly to his partnership with the more violent and sadistic Joker, creating tension. If you let Joker give in to his villainous tendencies, Gotham appears to suffer from the consequences of a inhibitionless murderer.

No matter what your choices are, it’s sure to be an interesting end to the fantastic Telltale Batman season.

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