10 Characters We Want In Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo Switch

10 Characters We Want In Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo Switch

Super Smash Bros. for Switch is apparently coming in 2018 according to the latest Nintendo Direct. As of now, we still don’t know whether that means it’ll be a port of the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii U games or a completely new Super Smash Bros. game. Surely, we have to find out more about the game once E3 comes around. Nevertheless, as with each new entry in the popular fighting franchise, these are my picks for new additions to the Super Smash Bros. roster. Of course, this is just one list. I’m sure even more neat characters can make a new list further down the road.

1) Vaati

Vaati was the main antagonist of The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, Four Swords, and Four Swords Adventures. Vaati’s original form as that of a Minish can be his base form in Super Smash Bros. In the Minish Cap, we learn that Vaati was a formidable swordsman, but if fans don’t want yet another sword wielder taking up space on the roster (Fire Emblem *cough*) then Vaati’s moveset can be relegated to his use of dark sorcery. What’s more is that his final smash can allow him to transform into his more bestial, bat-like cyclops form.

2) King K. Rool

If there’s any character who should flesh out the Donkey Kong roster, what better way to do it than with a longtime villain? King K. Rool is deserving of the representing the “bad guy” for this franchise. You know how select few characters can change outfits through the color swap option? Like Wario, Shulk, Bayonetta, and Cloud? Well, King K. Rool can swap his outfits to be in keeping with the Donkey Kong Country trilogy on SNES. His default look can be his cape and crown, then you have him in pirate gear as Captain K. Rool, and then there’s his Baron K. Roolenstein look. Although it would probably take a considerable amount of time to develop, each of these looks could come with their own respective movesets.

3) Krystal

Krystal would be an interesting choice to expand the Star Fox roster a bit. However, instead of coming armed to a fight with a blaster, like Fox and Falco, Krystal can instead make use of her staff as seen in Star Fox Adventures. If assets for a staff wielder need to be borrowed, the developers can look to Palutena, who made use of one in the previous Super Smash Bros. game. And no, Krystal would not have a Landmaster Tank for her final smash. I think it’s time that the whole Star Fox team jumps in the cockpit of an Arwing to blast their foes, similar to Zero Suit Samus. Krystal can be unique and perhaps have a whole herd of dinosaurs trample the battlefield (dinosaurs because Krystal is a native of Sauria, a dinosaur planet. If you didn’t know).

4) Captain Syrup

Captain who? Yes, that’s right, Captain Syrup of the Black Sugar Gang. Captain Syrup was the main antagonist of Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3, Wario Land II, and Wario Land: Shake It! With Wario taking on his WarioWare outfits by default lately, I like to think of him existing on the fringe of the Mario roster. Captain Syrup could be the next Super Smash Bros. “huh?” character. These types of characters come out of nowhere. You know what I’m talking about. Remember when the Wii Fit Trainer was confirmed? This could be that character again. Captain Syrup favors bombs, and her moveset can be an especially explosive one. Her final smash can be a throwback to her days as a boss character, summoning a genie from a lamp that then lays waste to all nearby characters.

5) Pauline

The Mario roster might not need any more characters to represent but, come on, Pauline is pretty darn cool. She can even act as the middle ground between the Mario and Donkey Kong groups. While in her early days Pauline was a damsel in distress, today she is now known as the Mayor of New Donk City. When she isn’t preoccupied with managing her city, Pauline can be found on the rooftops as the lead singer of her own band. Oh gosh, I can see her final smash now. Pauline will break out into “Jump Up, Super Star” (because we all want an excuse to hear that song again), and straight out of Super Mario Odyssey every character on screen will turn into an 8-bit sprite and will have to navigate a treacherous 8-bit obstacle course or incur damage.

6) Medusa

Kid Icarus Uprising is one of my favorite games on Nintendo 3DS. The control scheme took some getting used to, but it didn’t overshadow just how witty the game’s writing was. Seriously, it’s one of the best things about the game. So much so that Super Smash Bros. for Wii U features hidden dialogue for Palutena and Viridi (the goddess of nature) in the game’s Kid Icarus themed battle stage. Medusa was succulently sinister in Pit’s last adventure, and she’s an ideal candidate for the series’ villain role on the roster. To save time in development, Medusa can be a clone of Palutena since she also uses a staff, but her moveset can be uniquely tailored to her dark persona. Medusa has been known to spawn Monoeyes, rotating lasers, and her final smash can have her unleash her true form as that of a one-eyed creature, capable of turning those who match her gaze into stone.

7) Slippy

Slippy Toad can easily be one of those characters you love to hate, and hate to play as because you love him. Doesn’t every Super Smash Bros. game have at least one character who you regard as annoying, but you can’t help but play as them anyway? What would make the inclusion of the bumbling Slippy even more poetic is if he turned out to be a top tier character in competitive play. He could share the same moveset as Fox and Falco except be more, well, slippy. In other words, Slippy Toad could be one of those characters who’s easy to learn but difficult to master. Slippy’s final smash can have him flood the entire stage in water, and proceed to blast his slow moving opponents by way of his own creation: the Blue-Marine.

8) Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny, and Blue (Gary Oak)

Yes, this would be a surprising one indeed. When Super Smash Bros. Brawl released about ten years back, it was the Pokemon Trainer that stood out rather unique. This was because, while the name of the character referred to the trainer, you got to play as three characters interchangeably. Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard were contained under the same umbrella. For the upcoming Super Smash Bros., the combination of Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny, and Blue could make for a rather hilarious joke character. True, while these characters are best known for their appearances in the Pokemon anime, it was Pokemon Yellow that acted as a unique hybrid between the anime and the main series games. The aforementioned characters appear in Yellow, and in Super Smash Bros. they can tag-team it up, perhaps even with their own unique Pokemon companions. Nurse Joy has her Chancey, Officer Jenny with Growlithe, and Blue perhaps with Nidoking (or some first generation Pokemon we haven’t seen in a Super Smash Bros. game).

9) Bomberman

Guest characters from other publishers is nothing new for Super Smash Bros. Sonic and Solid Snake really helped things take off when Brawl came out, but it was Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U that raised the bar higher. Mega Man, Cloud Strife, Bayonetta, Ryu, Pac-Man, gamers were treated to quite the roundup of guest fighters. The Bomberman intellectual property falls under Konami. Things have really taken a turn for the worse for the once famed company, however, Nintendo was able to get Snake in a Super Smash Bros. game. Perhaps if they’re open to it, Konami could loan out one of their most memorable characters once again. While Bomberman got his early start on home computer, he did grace quite a lot of Nintendo consoles throughout the years, and he’d be perfect for a nostalgic throwback.

super smash bros.

10) Banjo-Kazooie

It would be an amazing feat if the famed bear and bird, who made their start on Nintendo 64, would get the homecoming they deserve. Banjo-Kazooie is my favorite platformer on the Nintendo 64. The former Rareware acted as a third-party developer for Nintendo back in the 90s and early 2000s. Nintendo entrusted the studio with some of their franchises, most notably Donkey Kong, but it’s Banjo-Kazooie that made Rareware’s claim to fame in my heart. It could be likely. When Nintendo began running a Smash Ballot for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U, asking players to nominate their picks for a new fighter, head of Xbox Phil Spencer was open to having Nintendo welcome Banjo-Kazooie back as contestants. However, Bayonetta won that ballot and she made it into the game. Be that as it may, shortly after the reveal of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch, Phil Spencer once again expressed his openness for letting the characters appear in the next game. One can only hope.

Those are the first ten characters that sprung to mind to appear in the next Super Smash Bros. game. Of course, our minds tend to run amok with wonderful ideas when it comes to this franchise. What characters would you want to see appear in the next game? Sound off in the comments below. For more opinionated pieces, and gaming goodness, keep your eyes open for Mammoth Gamers!

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