Black Panther Overthrows James Cameron’s Titanic On Highest Grossing Films List

Black Panther Overthrows James Cameron’s Titanic On Highest Grossing Films List

Black Panther is on pace to pass James Cameron’s Titanic as the third highest grossing film in North America after only a month since its initial release date.

Ryan Coogler’s MCU film Black Panther has been a marvelous success this year, and after already overthrowing a few films from their place in the highest grossing films list. It’s now set to de-rank another in just a few days. Titanic has held the 3rd spot on the highest grossing films list for over 20 years after peaking at number 1 on the list at one point.

According to Deadline, Black Panther has managed to reach a grand total of $659.3 million, which is just behind the Titanic’s total of $659.5 million.

With Avengers Infinity War right around the corner, the hype from Black Panther’s success should drum up a lot of fans eager to see their acrobatic hero dressed in black. It’s incredible to see how successful Black Panther has been in such a short lifespan.

Records Are Meant To Be Broken

Black Panther has broken many records during its first month of existence. Now it garners the title of the top-grossing superhero film of all time after earning a total of $1.29 billion worldwide. It also had the second largest second weekend of all time. Black Panther also hit the $400 million dollar milestone in only 10 days, which makes it the third fastest movie to achieve this feat. The Marvel Universe continues to grow with each year. With this much success, Ryan Coogler’s next film might make it to the number one grossing film of all time. Who knows how many more records are going to be broken. For more on all things Black Panther and the Marvel Universe, stay tuned to Mammoth Gamers.


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