Monster Hunter World’s Kulve Taroth Joins the Fray

Monster Hunter World’s Kulve Taroth Joins the Fray

With the spring festival coming to an end on April 19, Monster Hunter World will be receiving a free title update. This update is going to have a brand-new monster, the Kulve Taroth, which is bringing with it a limited time game mode; that requires a total of 16 hunters.

Not only does this mean another ten hours or more of grinding to do, this also means we’ll be getting some amazing golden weapons and armor sets, for both hunters and Palicos alike. However, Capcom has stated that this is a limited time event. This means we’ll have to spend the incoming weekend grinding for all the special Kulve Taroth loot and themed gear. There hasn’t been any word yet if this event will return, much like the Mega Man quest did for the Spring Festival, meaning this may be the only chance to get ahold of the goods.


This is lore friendly, as Kulve Taroth’s backstory, as of now, is that his gold armor comes from golden relics he encounters on his journeys. However, it is unknown where the relics come from. This update also means the addition of a new quest mode for Monster Hunter World, known as Siege; in which four hunting parties in the same gathering hub will fight the same Kulve Taroth. This means a total of 16 hunters going after the same elder dragon, in the same location, in the same quest. Players of older games might remember quests that are much like the ones with Zorah Magdaros, but never have they offered fighting such large monsters with so many hunters.


Capcom has balanced the fight for 16 hunters, so you’ll have to get together with your friends or get on those message boards, to find a large enough party to slay such a grand elder dragon. While this is the only Siege quest that has been offered so far, introducing a new quest mode could mean the return of some old faces. It could only be a matter of time before we see a Lao-Shan Lung in the new world!'

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