Mystery Package Teases Spyro Remaster

There have been a couple hints dropped regarding Activision remaking the original three Spyro the Dragon games later this year. Since the first indications of this Spyro remaster, fans have been clamoring for any news concerning their favorite purple dragon. As of yesterday, Activision has delivered another sign that points to the Spyro remasters.

On April 2nd, IGN received a rather special package in the mail. Inside, there was a scaley, purple egg and a letter containing the words “Something’s about to hatch – Falcon McBob.” The egg itself certainly seems like it could house a dragon like Spyro, and the sender’s name inspires even more hope when looked into.

It appears that Falcon McBob is the name of a private Twitter account that was created February 2018. This not-so coincidentally coincides with the time that the first rumors regarding a Spyro remaster began to crop up. His official Twitter handle is @SpyroTheDragon, further confirming his involvement with the game’s upcoming release.

The final nail in the head is the fact that the official Crash Bandicoot Twitter account has begun following Falcon McBob. This makes sense, as Crash and Spyro have a history of being good buddies, and have made cameos in each others’ games and even a Netflix show. It’s to be expected that such iconic friends would follow each other on Twitter.

The Spyro remaster is one of the most anticipated game of 2018, so be sure to check out Mammoth Gamers news for more details regarding its release!

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