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Skyrim DLC Confirmed for Fortnite

We may all joke about Skyrim being available for every platform, but it turns out Fortnite isn’t safe either! That’s right, Skyrim is now available on Fortnite! A new battle royale mode will be added that will feature the Skyrim battle mechanics, but before you rush out to try this new mode; you might need a new graphics card. This new mode will only be available in native 4k resolution until December of 2020, except for mobile users of Fortnite, who will now be playing in a 360 degree video format.

Bethesda Game Studios’ secret project has been revealed to the public, and it couldn’t of been a better move! Skyrim DLC for Fortnite isn’t just cosmetic add ons for the popular battle royale game, but the addition of a whole new 4K Skyrim style mode. Players will be spawned into none other than the map from the original release of Skyrim, with original launch graphics, populated by 100 players with 4K resolution models of custom made characters. Instead of players dropping into the map, they will be placed at random throughout the map, dungeons and cities included, after a 2 minute loading session where each player creates their character for that game. Random encounters will still be throughout the map, allowing you to level up for the match, but keep an eye on the map to ensure you stay within the play circle- which has now been replaced with a play triangle!

Bethesda has stated that their next step is to port the DLC to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, but are hard at work at including Jarl Balgruuf into the upcoming Smash Bros game for the Nintendo Switch. They also leaked that this will mean that Smash Bros will be released for the PlayStation Vita.

And a joyful filled APRIL FOOLS from us at Mammoth Gamers!

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