The Epic Finale to Sonic Mania Adventures is Here

Today, SEGA has released the final episode of the five part web series centered around Sonic Mania Plus, Sonic Mania Adventures.

In this final episode titled, “Metal Mayhem”, our heroes find themselves in Dr. Robotnik’s lair coming face to face with Metal Sonic who now wields all of the Chaos Emeralds. With the fate of the Chaos Emeralds at stake, it’s up to Sonic, Tails, Mighty, and Ray to unite against this super powered foe. Will our heroes prevail? You can watch episode five below:

The web series is written and directed by Tyson Hesse, who created the beautifully animated opening for Sonic Mania. Thanks to the release of the final episode, SEGA has released a single video that includes every episode in the series. Anyone who hasn’t caught up with the series, or maybe haven’t watched any of the episodes, can check it out here.

Sonic Mania Plus is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC today!  It’s available for the first time in a physical edition for all you avid Sonic collectors out there, complete with a 32 page art book, reversible SEGA Genesis cover, and of course the game. This complete package comes in a holographic sleeve for only $29.99. Those who already own Sonic Mania can purchase the Encore Mode DLC for only $4.99. This DLC includes the new Encore Mode, new playable characters, Mighty and Ray, and a four player competitive mode. Be sure keep a look out for our review of Sonic Mania Plus coming very soon.

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