OnRush Developer Suffers Layoffs

OnRush Developer Suffers Layoffs

Eurogamer has reported that the developer of arcade vehicular combat game OnRush has suffered layoffs. Included in these layoffs is Paul “Rushy” Rutchynsky—the forward facing member of the team for both the game and the studio.

This is yet another major setback for the studio after Sony closed the studio in 2016, then known as Evolution Studios, after the PlayStation 4 exclusive racer, Driveclub, was plagued by delays, bugs, and critical and commercial failure. Evolution Studios was also known for the Motorstorm series while under Sony.

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After Sony closed the studio, Codemasters acquired the team, including Rustchynsky.

Eurogamer’s sources went on to say that the team feels “decapitated” by the news. According to sources, junior members were also affected by the layoffs as well. The studio feels they are going to become a support team for Codemaster’s other titles, which in recent years has been primarily racing games including the F1 and the Dirt series.

A Codemasters spokesperson told Eurogamer, “It is normal course of business for game teams to evolve as projects launch and move into service, and as other new projects start. As such, it isn’t appropriate to comment on day to day movement of staff changes.”

OnRush released this past June on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, to favorable reviews, but not much financial success. The game reportedly sold only 1,000 physical copies in the UK and quickly fell from the charts.

Fans of OnRush will be relieved to know the title’s planned schedule of post-launch content will not be affected by the layoffs, the publisher confirmed.

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