Just Cause 4 Gameplay Details

Just Cause 4 Gameplay Details

Avalanche Studios revealed a new look at Just Cause 4 with a gameplay trailer showing off franchise protagonist Rico Rodriguez chasing after a tornado.

The trailer confirms that the New York branch of Avalanche is developing the title, while the Stockholm branch is working on Rage 2 with id Software.

In this most recent trailer, Rico Rodriguez is shown flying through the air with his signature wingsuit. We even get a look at Rodriguez using his grappling hook to enter into a heavily armored vehicle called the Storm Chaser.

A voiceover by Narrative Director Omar Shakir highlights the new Apex Engine that the company designed. “Everything you see, as well as the trajectory of every spiraling object is being calculated, in real time,” he announces.

The trailer then shows how destructive the tornado is with heavy freight containers flying through the air in addition to structures crumbling under the force of heavy winds. Foliage rips from the ground and explosions caused by the natural disaster highlight the destruction the series is known for. The tornado is then shown blowing through a bridge with the resulting destruction falling in front of Rico.

After chasing down the tornado, Rico Rodriguez enters a compound controlled by the enemy,  The Black Hand. Gunplay is shown, with Rico using a franchise first weapon, the railgun. Avalanche also announced that guns will have an alternate fire feature. The railgun can shoot out a beam of energy and deploy a drone to fight alongside you. The drone can also be used as a grapple point.

The grappling hook is also getting an upgrade after the last installment. Rico is shown grappling on a giant wind cannon and removing the cannon from where it sits, causing more damage.

The trailer ends with more destruction and a tease of more to come. Just Cause 4 launches on December 4 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. For more on the game, stay tuned to Mammoth Gamers.

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