The Road To Kingdom Hearts III: The Story So Far – I’ve Been Having These Weird Thoughts Lately

The Road To Kingdom Hearts III: The Story So Far – I’ve Been Having These Weird Thoughts Lately

Kairi wants to go back to save Sora, but there is nothing she can do. A Heartless now stands where Sora was. As Kairi is pulled away, Sora’s Heartless takes off after them. By the time the group gets back to the main entrance to the hallway they are surrounded by Heartless, one Heartless being closer than the others. Kairi takes notice of this and stares into its eyes, realizes that it’s Sora’s Heartless and that its close enough to attack. However, she has no time to react as all the Heartless that were chasing them are there now and jump at them. Without thinking Kairi turns and protects Sora’s Heartless from the attackers. This causes a chain reaction; since Kairi is a Princess of Heart she can change Heartless with strong senses of will back into their true form, thus Sora is reborn in Kairi’s arms. The rebirth also causes all the Heartless attacking to be destroyed, and a bright light blinds everyone. As the light fades, everyone can see the now resurrected Sora hugging Kairi in the middle of the room. This leaves the group speechless, and they all dogpile on top of Sora glad to see him okay.

Everyone regroups in Traverse Town and formulates a plan to go after Ansem. Sora finds Kairi under Merlin’s house and tells her he has to leave one more time and save Riku since Ansem possessed Riku’s body. She’s not happy to see him go but understands why. She hands Sora a star-shaped pendant made out of seashells she found from Destiny Island. She tells Sora that it will keep him safe but that it’s her good luck charm, so he has to bring it back to her. Sora, understanding the meaning, smiles and takes the charm.

Sora, Donald, and Goofy get their affairs in order and take off back to Hollow Bastion to go through the portal for Ansem. After fighting their way to the portal, they finally enter to find a world of darkness. There are many rooms, and we find out that Ansem used to work in this castle. It’s here we find the last few pages to The Ansem report, a document explaining what and where the Heartless originate. It also tells that the Heartless are the living embodiment of the darkness that lives in everyone’s hearts. Once a person gives into the Darkness, they are consumed by it and become Heartless, whose only goal is to feed on the light. Ansem was looking to control this power and by doing so allowed worlds and people to be consumed by darkness, including himself. This is why he needed Riku. He needed a body to continue his goal and Riku’s longing to get off Destiny Island was an easy way to exploit Riku’s trust and gain access to his heart.

After journeying deeper into the darkness Sora, Donald, and Goofy find Ansem deep within the Darkness. Next to him is a large white door that he implies is the door to Kingdom Hearts, the heart of all worlds, and the true darkness. Ansem tells Sora that everything is born out of darkness, and hearts are no different. This leads to the final fight between the two, with Sora victorious. Ansem still gets to the door, however. As he is opening it and asking the door to darkness to give him power, Sora reveals that he let him get to the door. Sora tells Ansem as the door opens that he knows now, beyond a doubt, that Kingdom Hearts is light. The door opens and a blinding white light cuts though Ansem as he screams in pain and disappears.

As the battle ends Sora, Donald, and Goofy run to the Door to Darkness and they attempt to close it. Even though it’s only barely open and does contain light, the door is also where all Heartless are born and leaving it open would allow them to pour over into all worlds. Even with the three of them pushing as hard as they can to close the door, it won’t budge. This is when a hand from the other side reaches through. Riku is on the other side of the door helping to close it. At first, Sora doesn’t know what to do, but Riku tells him that they need to close the door. Sora agrees and starts pushing when a voice from behind Riku tells him they need to link keyblades to close the door for good. This voice is new to Sora, but Donald and Goofy recognize it immediately as King Mickey. From behind Riku, we see the King appear holding a Keyblade that looks identical to Soras, but gold, above his head. Mickey yells “now” to Sora, and he complies, jumping back and activating the Keyblade as he has done on so many worlds to lock them away from darkness. Mickey does the same, and the door begins to close.

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