Sony Announces Four New PS4 Controller Colors

Sony Announces Four New PS4 Controller Colors

This morning on the PlayStation Blog, Sony announced a new batch of PS4 Controller colors set to release in September. This comes a few days after Microsoft announced two new controller colors.

The four new colors are Berry Blue, Sunset Orange, Blue Camo, and Copper.

The Berry Blue controller features a two-tone design with a light blue covering the face and a maroon red back, face buttons, d-pad, and other accents.

Berry Blue PS4 Controller

Sunset Orange is another two-tone controller. A bright orange face is contrasted with a dark blue back, buttons, d-pad, and thumbsticks.

Sunset Orange PS4 Controller

Blue Camo has a blue back and blue camo front design. The buttons and thumbsticks are the traditional grey color.

PS4 controller color

Finally, the Copper design has the color wrap around the entire controller. The buttons and thumbsticks are again the traditional grey color. Sony notes that this color is a launch exclusive with GameStop.

Copper PS4 Controller

All the colors are in limited supply. The price for each controller is $64.99 USD and will work with the PlayStation 4 family of consoles.

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