New Soul Calibur VI Details Emerge from Gamescom 2018

New Soul Calibur VI Details Emerge from Gamescom 2018

At this year’s Gamescom, Soul Calibur VI is at full display to its attendees. But not only is the game available for anyone to play, Bandai Namco has taken this opportunity to show off some new things coming to the long awaited sequel.

Bandai Namco has not only confirmed that custom characters will indeed make a return to Soul Calibur VI, but you can use those characters in their own unique story mode. Players will be able to take their characters into a mode called Libra of Soul. Libra of Soul is one of the two single-player modes in Soul Calibur VI. In Libra of Soul, players create their own custom fighter and roam the world to stop an evil mastermind who is gathering Soul Edge shards. During your adventure through Libra of Soul, players will bump into the cast of Soul Calibur VI as well as other custom fighters.

The Libra of Soul gives us a glimpse at the traditional character creator, which lets players choose from over 16 different races.

Bandai Namco also revealed another fighter coming to Soul Calibur VI: Tira, the wielder of the ring blade. Tira made her debut in 2005’s Soul Calibur III and has been a consistent member of the roster ever since. From the gameplay trailer, Tira seems to retain most of her traditional moves including the ability to swap emotions during the fight.

Although the Soul Calibur VI roster hasn’t been completely revealed, Tira has been revealed as the first DLC character coming to the game’s season pass. She will also be available to purchase as a stand-alone DLC.

Soul Calibur VI is set to release on October 19th for PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One.

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