Overwatch: September Developer Update Detailed

The official Overwatch YouTube Channel has released a developer update for September 2018! Everyone’s favorite developer, Jeff from the Overwatch team; gives us a look at the changes coming to Overwatch!

First on Jeff’s list is Torbjörn’s rework. According to Jeff, they will be removing Torbjörn’s armor pack and scrap systems. This removal means they will be adding a new secondary ability for him, which will be a weaker form of his current ultimate move. This secondary ability will be on a cooldown like many of the other heroes’ secondary abilities; as for his Ultimate ability, Molten Core, they will be keeping the name but give it a new purpose. This new Molten Core ability will be an area of effect damage type, where Torbjörn will shoot molten magma onto the floor, eating away at armor. Along with these changes, the turret that Torbjörn has will now have a longer build time, but will always be the level two turret we all know and love.

Soldier: 76, McCree, and Pharah will also be getting minor tweaks to how they function on the battlefield, as the developers hope to improve their usage in higher skill matchups. Jeff states that this won’t have much of an impact on lower skill matchups, other than making it so that they require a higher amount of skill in order to dish out the amount of damage they use to. Orisa will also be getting a change to how her gun fires, yet Jeff didn’t go into detail on how. As for McCree and Soldier: 76, the developers hope to make them both more viable. Soldier: 76 being everyone’s first hero, this may mean he’ll be able to hold his own against more powerful heroes. Pharah’s changes “will be a bonus in both directions” as she’ll become more functional in higher skilled matches, and an easier foe in lower ranked matches.

One of the larger pieces of this update includes new robust colorblind options. As Jeff states in the video, they have been working with a colorblind developer and are proud to announce that they will be releasing more colorblind options for more users. The development team has already taken steps to ensure that Overwatch is as colorblind friendly as they can make it, and they now will be adding a better-updated system that ensures each colorblind player is accounted for. This new system will allow players to select which colors work best for them, allowing them the best experience possible.

The team has also apologized that a social feature they had promised for 2018, has been pushed to 2019. Jeff states that this is due to the upcoming social feature being more technically challenging than they first thought. For now, the changes and updates listed in the September Update can be found on their Public Test Region Servers, also known as the PTR. You can access these servers through your Battle.net desktop app. These updates will be given in detail once the update is released to all servers. For now, they are still in beta on the test servers.

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